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Birthplace of Ted Bundy

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Perhaps you’ve heard of Ted Bundy, famous for his good looks and nothing else as far as I’ve heard. Folks who have been stirred by the recent Bundy craze (from the documentary series Conversations with a Killer to the dramatized Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile with Zac Efron) might be interested in seeing the location of the famous killer’s birth. Paige and I happened to be across the street at a Kinney Drugs, buying gloves to pull us through the brisk November day, and decided to take a glance at the location.

Today it is little more than a plot of land with this one spooky piece of trivia - there are no mementos or signs to indicate it as a historic area. At one point, the plot of land next to Kinney Drugs would have been the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers, a large house in a Victorian style that had been a part of the Lund Home since 1893, when it was somewhat tactlessly called the Home for Friendless Women. It was here that Bundy’s mother gave birth to him after his father had fled from the picture - he later went on be raised in Philadelphia by his grandparents (although he believed they were his parents and was long told his mother was his sister). There don’t appear to be many surviving photos of the original home, but the few that do show it looking alarmingly (and perhaps appropriately) like the home in The Haunting of Hill House.

This frightening structure has long since been lost to history and so Paige and I stopped only to look for a moment from the adjacent parking lot at the office building that stands there today. Nowadays it is a six-story tall office complex, unremarkable to the highest degree, the sort of building where one might visit their family dentist. Crime fanatics probably won’t find the thrill they’re seeking here - likely the most sinister character there now is that one co-worker that’s always microwaving leftover fish - but if you’re already at Kinney Drugs then it’s worth turning around to take a look.

The office building that now stands in its place is located at 346 Shelburne Road Burlington, Vermont, 05401.

It’s free to look at but the building itself is not open to the public. Not that there’s any reason to go inside unless you’re looking for someone to file your taxes.

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